Our Approach

We’ve built a team of high-performing project professionals who offer a wealth of experience and consulting expertise along with a commitment to high levels of care and quality assurance. In addition to our core management team, clients are supported by our staff in every step of the way. Our work is conducted in three convenient modalities.

  • Low-risk, light-touch diagnostics to help clients take stock and get traction with their project and program agendas.
  • Joint taskforce initiatives in which Bwired embeds professionals into the client environment to support the delivery of project outcomes
  • Outsourced initiatives where we take primary responsibility for working with the client and vendors to achieve practical outcomes.

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Areas of Expertise

We are committed to making a positive difference by helping our clients deliver great projects and maintain the highest levels of security.

Project Design & Scoping

We build detailed project specifications including objectives, functionality, risk, contingencies, and other information required to successfully complete the project.

Vendor Management

Our vendor procurement and management services provide you with the peace of mind by carefully assessing and negotiating with external resources on your behalf.

Training Programs

We ensure that your team develops core competencies through targeted education and hands-on training to mitigate the learning curve and technology gap.

Project Consulting

Our team brings a high-level service to each engagement as to develop frameworks, capabilities, and technology strategies for success.

Project Management

We assist you in delivering technology projects that are aligned with your business strategy and require the right skills and expertise from the outset.

Quality Assurance

We protect your technology projects by managing risk and delivering improved quality processes and outputs to achieve successful outcomes.

Information Gathering

Discovering and determining the attack surface of your organization

  • Finding Subdomains
  • Finding Virtual Hosts
  • Website Recon
  • Subdomain Takeover
  • Google Hacking
  • Finding Domains

Web Application Testing

We discover web application vulnerabilities and server issues

  • Website Scanner
  • URL Fuzzer
  • SQLi Scanner
  • XSS Scanner
  • WordPress Scanner
  • Drupal Scanner
  • Joomla Scanner
  • SharePoint Scanner

Infrastructure Testing

We discover outdated network services, missing security patches, badly configured servers, and many other vulnerabilities.

  • Network Scan OpenVAS
  • TCP Port Scan
  • UDP Port Scan
  • Ping Sweep
  • DNS Zone Transfer
  • Password Auditor

SSL Testing

We test for a variety of SSL Security issues.

  • SSL Heartbleed Scan
  • SSL DROWN Scan
  • ROBOT Attack Scan

Exploit Helpers & Utilities

We can help you find security risks by extracting data from a malicious helpers & utilities.

  • HTTP Request Logger
  • SQLi Exploiter
  • XSS Exploiter
  • ICMP Ping
  • Whois Lookup

Managed Web Pentesting

We do quality pentests much faster and cost-effective than the traditional approach. Our consultants achieve this by combining their advanced technical skills with the power of our security scanners. You get an accurate security posture of your web application and actionable recommendations for improving it.

Support Obsessed

In 2009, Bwired Technologies was founded with the firm belief in the power of positive change and a desire to see better outcomes for clients. A decade later, this vision has seen the business grow into a unique, high performing team of professionals with a wealth of technology and consulting expertise and high levels of customer support and quality assurance. We call ourselves "Support Obsessed."

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