We design, develop and maintain projects that our clients love.

Your Team

We value people over profits, quality over quantity, and keeping it real. As such, we deliver an unmatched working relationship with our clients. Our team is small, eclectic, and skilled. We build sharp and high-functioning projects on both the design and development side.

  • Strategists
  • Marketers
  • You
  • Analysts
  • Project Managers
  • UX Designers
  • Developers
  • QA Specialists

Web Application Development

The code behind a beautifully crafted Website plays a fundamental part in the success of your business.

We embrace the code

We build Web applications that are robust, scalable and customized to your specific needs.

User Experience Driven

We design as humanly as possible. Our goal in User Interface Design is to make the user experience and interaction with your system as simple and efficient as possible.

Truly Mobile Friendly

All of our projects are responsive, ensuring that users have a consistent and engaging experience across all devices from mobile phone to tablets and desktops.

Custom or Open Source

We build applications that are robust, scalable and satisfy your specific needs. We are specialists in world-renowned stacks such as Joomla, Drupal, WordPress and Magento.

Iterative Approach

Our Agile methodology allows us to prioritize and develop the key, riskiest features early on in each project in order to safeguard the product’s core functionality.

Built with Security in Mind

Equipped with proven solutions driven by best practices, our iterative web design process delivers scalable, intuitive and relevant web projects.

Industry-Leading Support

Bwired’s culture is built around our clients. We are committed to providing not only answers but solving most problems with a few hours, both before and after the sale.

Mobile Application Development

It's all about functionality and User Experience. People love apps that are fun and simple to use. We make those apps.


On Time, On Budget.

When you work with Bwired, we’ll help you develop your mobile application so it maximizes the time and capital investment required.

Combining our experience with industry standards and leading project management tools, we can reveal potential problems that could increase cost or delay the development process. With our system, you can be confident that your app is delivered:

Most of our apps cover business specific applications in industries, such as medical, IT, Software and Mining. We offer our clients a special level of service that extends far beyond development of a project.

Custom Software Development

We accelerate product-to-market for enterprise clients through software engineering expertise and dedicated product teams.


Many companies are running disparate systems for different functions and departments.  We can help you integrate your systems to create a seamless experience for your customers, employees, and partners.



We have experience working with a wide range of third party technologies and systems.  Let us know how we can improve and maintain your existing systems.


We can help you develop new, innovative software to provide a competitive advantage or as part of your intellectual property portfolio. Our team is experienced in a large array of technologies.


No Job is too large or complex.

Our development team is passionate about staying ahead of the technology curve and utilizing the latest tools. We are platform agnostic, meaning that we can work with virtually any technology stack, from Java to .NET and everything in between.

Integrated Cloud Services

We combine our expertize with the flexibility, scalability, and power of world-leading cloud platforms.

More like in-house than outsourced

We are more than just some outside IT service provider that reads from a script to meet your needs. You’re not required to explain for the third time, to the next available representative, what your problem is. Instead, you have a dedicated team, whose names you know, who know your business, your technology and understand what you need it to do. So, instead of calling an automated answering system you call and get Dan or Scott


We offer a complete choice of cloud and hosting platforms covering colocation, managed hosting, shared cloud, private cloud, platform as a service, and complex hybrid solutions – all delivered to your specification as a one-stop fully managed service.


Our specialist cloud practice is built to deliver cloud savvy consultancy, project and managed services to our clients. We focus on hosted and “x-as-a-service” platforms that promise genuinely new ways to deliver business IT and on the challenges migrating to these services present.


Outsource you large files into the CDN cloud to maximize the delivery to your customers. Decrease the load on your server by uploading and serving large files through a CDN Storage.


Traditional backup systems tend to be difficult to manage, slow to operate and prone to failure.Improve your company’s preparedness and resilience in the face of unexpected disasters with the creation of a comprehensive backup, disaster recovery and business continuity solution incorporating the latest technology and industry best practice.


Amazon Web Services (AWS) delivers reliable, scalable, and cost-effective computing resources on which to host your applications. You can use the following AWS components alone or combined to host your application(s).


In recent years, cloud integration has gained favour among organizations, corporations, and government agencies that implement software as a service, a software distribution model in which applications are hosted by a vendor or service provider and made available to users over the Internet.