What a pleasure to see one of our awesome clients, Klusster, showcasing its fantastic and beautifully Bwired-designed software at the Collision Conference in Toronto this week.

The Collision Conference brings together companies and people in the global tech industry. It’s been stated as the fastest growing tech conference in North America.

This year, it features some amazing speakers such as Justin Trudeau, Seth Rogan, Timberland and Ev Williams. Now in its fifth year, Collision has grown to over 25,000 attendees and has become a crossroads for the world’s largest technology buyers and sellers. This conference also brings together many of the world’s most emerging technology companies. Visit the Collision Conference.

Courtesy of Collision Conference

It’s a perfect place for Klusster to exhibit what they have to offer. But what is Klusster all about?

About Klusster.com

Klusster is a free-to-use, complete, group inbound marketing platform that allows existing and new groups to easily combine content and social media assets to reach a larger targeted audience. It also provides businesses with all the necessary tools a peer group requires, such as distribution, lead management, and content creation. Visit Klusster.com

Naturally, an innovative company such as Klusster needs a well-designed website with beautiful and exceptional UX and UI. It was our privilege to help develop and create the UI and UX design for Klusster and we are so happy to see our clients shine on such an incredible global platform.

We at Bwired are inspired by technology and we deliver the team businesses need to drive growth through enterprise web, software, mobile, and cloud cybersecurity solutions.

About Bwired Technologies

Celebrating its 10th year, Bwired Technologies empowers digital leaders by creating competitive advantage through the design and development of robust web, mobile, and digital solutions. The company’s Rhyno Cloud™ also integrates high-speed hosting, cybersecurity, maintenance and support into one fully-managed solution. Visit Bwired.ca

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