If WordPress is your bread and butter, passion (or both) then you most likely have connected with other WordPressers throughout your career. With so many digital communities available, the WordPress community has grown substantially over the last decade. However, even if you have plenty of online contacts, there is really no replacement for meeting up in person.

Whether a WordPress veteran or a complete novice, there is always room for improvement, and luckily, there are numerous events that take place around the world that focus on just that. Emphasizing the importance of professional growth, exchanging knowledge and expanding the global WordPress community are common themes within the organization.  Here are some of the best WordPress meetups and conferences for those who cannot get enough of their favorite website creation tool.

WordCamp Europe

Europe’s biggest WordPress Meetup, WordCamp, hosts an annual event in a different European city every summer. Last year’s event took place in Vienna and received a lot of great feedback from their some 2,000 attendees. Speakers included the likes of Aaron Campbell, a core contributor to WordPress, Alexander Frison, founder of WPengineer.com, and many more talented WordPressers using their skills for everything from the development of more user-friendly web design to making the world a better place.

If you are a WordPress enthusiast who will find yourself somewhere in Europe this summer, you may want to consider making a detour to Paris for the conference!

WordCamp Central

For over 10 years, WordCamps have been taking place around the world, playing a major role in strengthening the global WordPress community. The first event took place in 2006 in San Francisco and since then there have been hundreds of events taking place everywhere from Seattle, Washington to Bangkok, Thailand.

These meetups are perfect for WordPress enthusiasts from all walks of life and of all levels of experience. Made for and by the community, attending your local WordCamp is an affordable, casual way to develop a support network. WordCamp focuses on freelance job platforms specializing in the tech and bolsters community through exchanging knowledge concerning everything from basic plugins to advanced techniques.

WordCamp US

Relatively new to the game, WordPress US held its first event in 2015 in Philadelphia and so far, it has been a great
success. With some big name speakers, like WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg, the event also aims to get the community together with Contributor Day. Forming teams, attendees take on different tasks such as fixing bugs, translating plugins and themes, and much more. The day is dedicated to working together and connecting the WordPress community through solving problems and finding solutions together.

After hosting WordCamp in Philadelphia for the last two years, the conference is now in the market for a new location. If you are based in the U.S., or a dedicated WordPress Meetup attendee, keep an eye out for 2018’s announcement!


Three days of networking, collaborating and learning more than you can imagine, PressNomics brings together an international crowd of entrepreneurs passionate about the WordPress economy. Topics covered at the event range from Growth Hacking, customer relations and building your overall WordPress community.

In addition to a full lineup of excellent themes, PressNomics also brings in an all-star lineup of speakers such as the founders of MOJO Marketplace, and WPBeginner. This year’s conference will be in April, but it is better to secure attendance as early as possible because passes tend to sell out fast!

Prestige Conference

This event is great for those who run companies based on WordPress or are looking to build up their careers in web development. Everyone from freelancers to entrepreneurs, to successful business owners are welcome at Prestige. In the past, speakers included the CEO of WordPress development agency 99 Robots. With so many experts in one room, it may seem overwhelming, but the inclusive atmosphere leaves plenty of room for learning, rather than just being spoken to.

Whether looking to build up your client base, increase revenue, or simply expand your professional network, sign up for the Prestige Conference mailing list for updates and announcements for upcoming event details.

By Paul Sciglar
(Edited by Cherese Jackson)

Paul Sciglar is a columnist interested in international policies and economic affairs. Certified Accountant with broad experience in strategic analysis, FP&A, investment banking, and investment management.


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Article published by Cherese Jackson