Where do Canadians shop online?

They either shop from their favourite retailer (ex: Sephora.ca), direct from a brand’s website (ex: Nike.ca) or from a marketplace (ex: Amazon.ca).

So the question is: why would Canadians shop from marketplaces?

Common reasons include:

  • Large product selection
  • Competitive pricing
  • Free shipping
  • Established trust
  • Easy ordering

For Canadian eCommerce businesses, selling on marketplaces can provide access to more Canadian shoppers without having to spend large amounts on marketing.

Before you expand into new marketplaces, you will need to look into an inventory management software, an Amazon tool or eBay tool.

If you’re considering selling on marketplaces, here are the ones you should look into:

1. Amazon.ca Marketplace

Amazon.ca operates one of the largest marketplaces in Canada.  Sellers can benefit from an established brand like Amazon.

2. eBay.ca Marketplace

eBay is one of the oldest marketplaces online.  It all started with auctions but now, you can list products as a fixed price listing similar to Amazon.  What I like about eBay is the fact that they accept Paypal.

3. Etsy.ca Marketplace

Etsy is the go-to marketplace for sellers that sell handmade products.  Not only can you sell directly on the marketplace, they can also help you create a stand-alone website using Pattern.

4. BestBuy.ca Marketplace

What’s unique about this marketplace is the fact that Best Buy is a well established retail brand with store locations across Canada.  Canadians are very familiar with the brand and trust it.

They provide great training and dedicated professionals to help you get started.

5. Newegg.ca Marketplace

Newegg.ca claims it has the lowest commission fees of any major marketplace.  They offer wide variety of marketing opportunities for your brand’s visibility through email and daily deals.


If you plan on selling on Canadian Marketplaces, make sure you do your research.  Do not assume they’re all the same.  Each marketplace has its own customer base, its own set of rules and policies, commission fees and customer expectations.

Happy Selling!

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