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We are Bwired, a strategic digital agency specializing in Online and Mobile Applications design/development, and Integrated Digital Marketing.


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  • Linamar Launches New Corporate Website

    Bwired is pleased to announce that Linamar Corp. has launched its new corporate website.

    With record sales of 4.2B in 2014, Linamar is a leading and diversified global manufacturing company renowned for its precision machining expertise and highly engineered products that power vehicles, motion, work and lives.

    This responsive application enables users to quickly and easily access the website content from any device. Optimized for speed, volume peaks and security, the site features state of the art Web technologies, User Experience techniques, and Bwired’s Managed Amazon Web Services Hosting.

    Guelph - October 2015 / Go to
    Drupal / Website Design / Website Development

    • Drupal
    • Hitech
    • Website
  • COM DEV Once More Hires Bwired as Developer

    We are please to announce that COM DEV International has chosen Bwired as the developer of its Microwave Components Catalog.

    With 80 percent of all commercial communications satellites ever launched and over 1,250 employees at facilities in Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, India and China, COM DEV is a world leader in the production of space-qualified passive microwave equipment, specialized electronics and optical subsystems.

    Cambridge - August 2015 / Go to
    Joomla / Custom Web Design / Development

    • Hitech
    • Joomla
    • Website
  • Klusster Appoints Bwired to Redevelop Online Application

    We are pleased to announce that Klusster has chosen Bwired for the redevelopment of its Online Application.

    Klusster allows groups of business owners and social media specialists the ability to band together to create effective online media properties and leverage the collective strength of the groups social media.

    Klusster is the easiest way for businesses to get found on the Internet! It is just that simple.

    Toronto - July 2015 / Go to
    Website Design / Custom Website Development

    • IT
    • Other
    • Website
  • $4B Global Company Selects Bwired as Developer

    We are pleased to announce that an undisclosed global corporation has appointed Bwired for the redevelopment of its corporate Website.

    Built on Drupal, the application will feature modern tools and methods for presenting information to users including: Fully responsive HTML5, CSS3, JS, Bootstrap, LESS, Font-awesome, parallax, form builder, touch and swipe functions, CSS animations, and more.

    This contract represents a major milestone for Bwired. We will share more details with our clients and supporters once the project goes live.

    Kitchener - May 2015
    Drupal / Website Design / Website Development

    • Drupal
    • Hitech
    • Other
    • Website
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Bwired at a Glance

The expertise, process, and support you need to transform your business.

Clear Process

Our agile project methodology is what sets us apart. We strive to deliver successful project outcomes and mitigate risks along the way.
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At our core, we are a Website and Mobile App developer. We also provide a full range of Services. We deliver this with exceptional client service and strong project management skills.
Website Design & Dev
Mobile Apps
Integrated Digital Marketing

Amazing Support

We continually surprise and delight our clients. That's why we have built a complete model for support and training that goes beyond the end product.
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Think back to your last website project. Ok, now get up off the floor and out of that fetal position and let’s talk. It’s true, creating or re-designing a website can be complicated and messy, full of unanticipated costs and delays. But it doesn’t have to be that way. That’s where we are different. We are with you every step of the way, taking all the mystery out of the development process. Whether you need a simple, no-frills website or a top-of-the-line, lead-generating machine, Bwired has you covered.

We believe that every decision you make about the design and development of your website is a business decision. Before we ever begin designing or writing the first line of code, we meet with you and listen to gain a thorough understanding of you and your business’ needs and goals. This collaborative approach ensures that, together, we make the best business decisions and integrate them into a beautiful, functional website that gets you results.

Designing an effective website will open the door to nearly endless possibilities. Your website is more than an interactive brochure – it’s your way to get personal and share your company’s story with current and potential customers. Creating and maintaining a fresh and attractive website pays off in many ways. Give us a call today and let’s start the development of a new and powerful website!


Social media marketing is much more than just having a lot of likes or connections. Successful campaigns allow you to connect directly with your customers and build brand awareness. Cultivating this community of friends and followers can pay off in increased visibility, customer loyalty and powerful branding. Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and beyond, we understand how each social media network performs so we can create custom content to maximize your return. Your Bwired social media team includes talented social media managers and award-winning designers so your social media campaign will become an organic marketing machine delivering remarkable results.

We’ve all heard that social media is a vital component of any business’ marketing plan. How it can be quite successful at humanizing a brand and building personal relationships with customers while providing a valuable feedback channel. But it does require a vigilance and expertise that not many business owners can devote. Well, Bwired is crazy good at keeping an eye on the social media space for our clients and using these platforms to market their brand/product or service, always complementing their overall web and mobile marketing efforts. Watch our video case study highlighting the successful social media marketing campaigns for one of our clients.

Facebook Applications and Marketing Campaigns

Bwired can design and develop applications that link your Website or Mobile to Facebook. With the ability to automatically connect user accounts and content from your website to your Facebook application, this platform offers the simplest and most flexible method for deploying applications available today.

Our support for Facebook continues to evolve, and new marketing technologies are coming online which provide for more elaborate integration between development platforms. Facebook enables users who are logged in to Facebook to be automatically authenticated when they come to a website that supports the technology. While this technology is not exclusive to Bwired, we are helping to lead the development in this area.


Bwired believes the best mobile experiences are handcrafted, customized from the ground up. When we build for iOS, we optimize our mobile apps for the iOS paradigm. When we build for Android, we make full use of Android’s functionality. Built with the DNA of the device they live on, native apps drive immersive mobile experiences.

Whether you plan to launch the latest social, local or mobile application or you want to re-factor/re-engineer your backend systems and integrations, it’s difficult to find the right partner. Communication, transparency, quality, timeliness and ownership are just some of the values necessary for a successful relationship.

We utilize an agile methodology to code quickly and efficiently in fixed-length sprints. At the end of each sprint is a quality checkpoint during which your expectations and ideas guide the next sprint. The result? A collaborative mobile application development process which maximizes communication and transparency, while adhering to a predetermined timeline, and delivering quality, production-ready code at the end of every sprint.


Pay-Per-Click Advertising places an ad for your business directly in front of the people that are actively searching online for your products and services. PPC Advertising is far more complex than it may seem. Don’t repeat the same costly mistakes the “do it yourselfers” and the inexperienced PPC development firms are making that result in very little or no return on investment. Experience matters and our PPC Analysts have it. We’ve managed campaigns on the big search engines almost since the advent of Google PPC. We stay current with PPC trends and discover new PPC advertising opportunities that tend to have lower bid requirements than Google and other popular marketplaces. For example, one of the more recent trends in pay-per-click advertising is social media marketing, such as Facebook and Twitter. We’ve got that covered too!

When others set their campaigns on “auto-pilot,” we’re just getting started! We continually search for new keywords, write new ads and adjust bids. And, the Bwired development system receives a daily data feed from the major paid search providers allowing us to quickly analyze the data against the goals we have established for the campaign.

Social Media Marketing Training

Need help taking your social media to the next level? Staying informed of emerging trends and technologies in the digital marketing space can be a daunting task for any business. Bwired provides high-impact training sessions, workshops, and case studies covering social marketing, content development, SEO, analytics, emerging mobile trends, strategy development, reputation management, and much more. Let Bwired educate, inspire, and engage your business with our hands-on learning & workshops taught by industry thought leaders, authors, and world-class brand marketers. Our marketing insights will help you grow and lead your business.

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Over the years we have developed the Bwired winning formula. Engage us to boost your competitive advantage. Our clients love what we do and so will you.

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Our work is built on trust. We go to considerable lengths to understand your marketing communication strategies and the image you want to project.

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Employee Appreciation Day
Employee Appreciation Day
Employee Appreciation Day

Employee Appreciation Day - Celebrating awesomeness with a yummy potluck.

Working on apps
Working on apps
Working on apps

Mobile Apps - Working on apps is a very cool business...

Foosball at the office
Foosball at the office
Foosball at the office

Foosball - Sometimes you just need some distractions...

Latest Insights

  • 5 Must Have Mobile Apps for the Dog Lover in You

    Friday, 02 October 2015, | Written by Dan Duran

    Kitchener, Ontario - He’s a bit hairy, breathes heavy, sports a toothy grin and just can’t wait to go home with you. (And no girls, it’s not that weird guy who just asked you for your number.) I’m talking rather about our most beloved, furry, four legged friends - our dogs.

  • CMTS - An Event to Explore the Future

    Wednesday, 23 September 2015, | Written by Dan Duran

    Kitchener, Ontario - It’s an interesting mix isn’t it? Stumped?

    Well, where these three very differing things come together, is at Canada’s largest and most respected manufacturing event - The Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show or CMTS for short. Our team at Bwired will be strolling the exhibition floor and hope to talk shop with Darryl Sittler and eat 3D printed chocolate while mechanical dragonflies hover overhead.

  • Do You Take This Company to be Your Lawfully Contracted Provider?

    Tuesday, 22 September 2015, | Written by Dan Duran

    Kitchener, Ontario - I find it astounding and insightful how much a business and a personal relationship completely mirror one another. I may not qualify to be the next "Dr. Phil" but I think most of us would agree that a successful marriage requires investing into and nurturing the relationship. The same rings true if you dream of your happily ever after in a business union.

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