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Each month, more than 100 billion global web searches are conducted. In order to get your website noticed, you need to ensure your site shows up in one of those top ranking spots. This will ensure your website will get more traffic and, as a result, more business. But knowing how to increase your rankings isn’t always easy. Not even Google is forthcoming about it. Ultimately though, Google wants to see a visually appealing site that provides a great experience for web users. And one of the best ways to make certain your site checks all the boxes is by using custom web development services.

Your website design company will use their expertise to optimize your site, so you’ll definitely be in capable hands when you trust a professional. But if you want a better understanding of how everything on your site can impact your SEO rankings, here are a few things you can do to give your business a boost in the interim.

  • Optimize Your Images
    If you’re already using keywords to help your search rankings, you need to remember to use keywords for your images, too. This should not be done in a spammy way (as that can easily backfire), but rather in a relevant one. By utilizing certain keywords in the image’s file name, alt tag, title, caption, and description, you can help drive traffic to your site. Just be sure to limit your image size, as extremely large images can slow down your page load time.
  • Fix Broken Links
    Make sure to check that all of your website’s pages and internal links are working. Those 404 errors will frustrate users and can even signal to Google that your site is old and neglected. When websites are no longer relevant, their rankings can take a hit. There are tools you can use to ensure your site has no broken links, or you can ask your custom web development services company to check this for you.
  • Ensure Easy Navigation
    Yes, the look of your website matters, but don’t get so caught up in the visual component that you forget about making sure it’s easy to use. The bottom line is that website visitors need to be able to find what they’re looking for right away. And if they can’t, they’ll go elsewhere. That can lead to high bounce rates and low page dwell times, which can have a negative effect on your rankings. You’ll need to make certain your website navigation makes sense and that visitors can accomplish their goals when they arrive on your site. If your navigation is confusing in any way, make this a top priority.

While there are certain measures you can take on your own to improve your website, nothing beats having professional help. A custom web development services company will create a custom site for you that looks and functions as it should, increasing your visibility and rankings in the process.

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