They bite off more than they can chew, don’t bring users into the process and fail to test

 The future of enterprise tech lies in apps — largely mobile apps that deliver the same functions across virtually every platform for mobile devices, desktops and online. But the past, as in legacy processes and app portfolios that are sometimes decades old, can still get in the way of that future.Modernizing an app portfolio is never easy, but done right, it can be a boon for a company (or school or other organization) by boosting productivity, employee engagement and customer satisfaction.

While many organizations now routinely focus on rolling out mobile solutions, usually developed for deployment in the cloud, not every effort is successful. Sometimes employees or customers reject new apps. In other cases, users decide to work around enterprise apps so they can get things done without even using them.

When app initiatives fail, they usually do so for a handful of reasons. Simply put, IT shops and enterprise developers looking to embrace a new way of doing things fail to plan ahead.

Here are five of the most common reasons development efforts can fail — and how to avoid them.

Building instead of buying

One of the biggest misconceptions when defining an enterprise app strategy is thinking you have to build everything in house. The need for custom apps designed for specific internal processes that are proprietary is a long-held view. For years, if not decades, this level of in-house development wasn’t a choice. It was a need. Even when third-party solutions were part of the equation, many required extensive customization. The result: many large organizations still assume that they must build their own apps.

Not so.

In today’s mobile-centric and cloud-based world, this approach is largely outdated. With highly capable and flexible cloud services that offer their own APIs and SDKs, it’s easy to take existing products, link them and devise solutions in a much shorter time. The core need here is to truly understand the workflows of users.

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