There is so much more to a great inbound marketing strategy than just blogs, videos, tweets, emails and ads.

Each element plays a part in creating a bigger picture of what you and your brand are all about. Informing your potential clients about your bigger picture is what we refer to in the Marketing world as – Storytelling.

Your Inbound digital marketing strategy should tell a story!

Why Tell Stories?

Humans are social animals and we use language as our ultimate form of expression and communication. The oldest mode of passing knowledge through time and place is through storytelling. So it’s a natural and powerful tool to have in your marketing toolbox.

Stories influence how we perceive and interpret the world around us and it also creates deep and loyal connections between people.

The same should ring true when storytelling about your brand or business. (Click here to learn more about Inbound Marketing.)

How To Tell A Story

We’ve all experienced storytelling in its purest form.  For example, think back to when you were a child and remember all the colorful stories told by your grandparents. Those stories amazed you! They were full of adventure, emotion, and surprise. Those stories were also told in such a way so as to imprint upon you some idea, feeling or conclusion about life.

Those are the kinds of stories that remain etched into our minds forever.

Chances are you may have even retold some of those stories to your own children as well.

Learning how to storytell is like learning an art.  A great storyteller knows to involves people, places, a purpose and strives to evoke an emotional response from the audience.  A great story also requires that you tell your story in a unique and compelling way.

Storytelling is what inbound marketing is all about!

On an inbound marketing level, the goal of storytelling is to connect with your audience by appealing to their emotions and leaving a positive impact on them regarding your product or service.

Unlike traditional marketing which is aggressive and focused on selling, storytelling should be charming, captivating and audience focused.  You can accomplish this by telling a story about who and what your company is, its purpose, what inspires it, and what it values. Present your story with the intent to inspire your potential clients and you will create a solid bond with them and leave them wanting to hear more.

The Ingredients to A Great Story

Business Value System: For B2B and B2C relationships, companies and consumers demand a certain series of key values with those they chose to do business with. Make appreciated values like adaptability, transparency, coherence, differentiation, empathy and humanity core components in your Inbound Marketing story.

Benefits of Your Brand:  Express how your virtues and distinctive features differentiate you from your competitors and how your business brings positive results to your audience.
Exciting Elements: Entice your public and attract them with the exciting aspects of your business to the point where your audience will feel that their prefer you above the rest of the competition. To create excitement in your marketing story, use concrete emotions like happiness, surprise, empathy, and nostalgia.

Create Curiosity: The story should be good enough to keep a person interested and wanting more. Pose questions, be thought-provoking and make a statement. This will engage your audience and have them researching more about your company, your services, etc.

The Advantages of Storytelling

Engagement: Storytelling is a perfect technique to get engagement. But for it to work and your potential client to identify with your brand, it is essential that you use Inbound Marketing tools to get to your target audience and listen actively to their needs.

Creates Trust: By showing your audience who you are and what your company is about through a compelling story fosters trust in your brand or company. When people feel emotionally connected to a brand, they will naturally commit to and feel secure in their decision to go with that particular product or service.
Be Remembered: When stories are told in a unique way, it ends up leaving a permanent mark in our memory and so making that lasting impression on your audience is key to them not only committing to you but also in sharing who you are with others.

Turn Your Audience Into Fans!

Incorporating storytelling into your Inbound Marketing Strategy is fundamental to attract your potential clients, connect with them, inform them, persuade them and encourage them to become loyal fans.  With storytelling you’ll have the power to make a difference and gain a place not only in your clients’ mind but in their hearts as well.

Need help incorporating storytelling into your Inbound Digital Marketing Strategy? Want to learn more about how to create an amazing story?  Contact us and we’ll give you a hand!

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