Mobile marketing, traditional marketing, digital marketing, data marketing, social marketing, etc, etc. There are so many types of marketing, and the world of marketing seems to be a never ending parade of the latest and greatest type of marketing.

But there has been a leap in one particular type of marketing. For those that were around at the dawn of the internet you’ll remember a time when things weren’t so competitive, but times have moved on and the internet is getting crowded.

There good news for most small brick and mortar businesses and those with very specific acquisition methods based on location. Local marketing is becoming the next best thing.

Data has always been at the forefront of marketing activities, but now we can really harness a plethora of data in tandem with geographical targeting. Possibly one of the biggest trends of the year and something that if you aren’t reading about, you really should be.

Marginal gains with local advertising.

With geo targeting and geo-fencing you can supercharge any advertising campaign to capture people who show more promise and potential ROAS as opposed to those expensive national level campaigns.

Imagine that you run a brick and mortar business that is only open between particular times, trim the budget off your PPC campaign by running it during those hours, but also restrict the area to get into the limelight of potential customers.

One of the biggest things as a digital marketer that I’ve personally seen? Insanely large advertising budgets that do little for a company’s revenue. My biggest tip is to try out new areas through multiple campaigns to see where your highest ROAS is. On a lower budget, it might be worth cutting those low return campaigns without mercy!

Experimenting is key with any form of marketing, but when you have so much data at your fingertips – use it.

Using mobile apps to dominate local competition

You can obviously go down the marketing route, focusing solely on organic techniques for growing your business or you can focus on running a slick PPC campaign, but there are great tools for local marketing that might not seem obvious.

Assume that there are ten coffee shops within a similar distance. Each gets equal footfall and utilises a variety of advertising to entice potential customers in… How can you grow? A mobile app with a loyalty program combined with push notifications is a great way to entice the past customers in the area into your establishment, but also retain them through a loyalty program.

Use a smart marketing campaign to steal your competitor’s customers…

One of my favourite case studies of all time has to be the Hijack campaign. This is the sort of thing that makes the headlines for being a little bit of a grey area…

They created an app that offered customers discounts. The discounts were triggered when app users entered a competitor’s store, starting at 100% then slowly counting down. The quicker the user got to the app owners store, the more of a discount they got.


There is more to this story than meets the eye though and it raises an interesting point that really showcases the power of local marketing.

Think about intent for a second. Local marketing involves a little Psychology like all marketing. If a user was in the competitor’s store – they were looking to purchase, so your advertising campaign is going to have insane conversion rates because your target customer is already in the process of wanting to spend money.

Treat them like you know them

Expanding on the previous point, local marketing with a little bit of Phycology can make all the difference when it comes to creating a campaign that converts likes wildfire.

Adding the personal touch to any campaign that you create will bridge the gap between your brand and the marketing campaign.

Here are a few push notification examples for a local cafe:

“Hi John, we noticed that you haven’t been in for your healthy lunch in a while, we’ve actually got some tasty snacks on the menu that you might like, so when you feel like coming back again (we miss you!) we’ve added a 20% off coupon onto your account.”

“Hi John, did you know that you can pre-order your lunch know? Order it through the app and swing by to grab your order and jump the queue.”

You can even run display advertising on a hyperlocal basis to dominate social media and people’s news feeds if you want.

So I should get on the location based trend?

Yes and no. If you are a brick and mortar business? It’s definitely worth considering. For other more global ventures, I would start to split up your business slowly working out the profitability and ROAS per country. This can help you to better place your marketing efforts and advertising spend.

As I always say, test, test, and then test some more.

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