Partner Network

Win-win strategic alliances through collaborative relationships

Partnership Program

Our Business Development Partnership Program brings about business growth and new opportunities for both parties, fosters more productive environment, and contributes to faster business development.
Expand Your Capabilities

Expand horizontally by offering your clients Web and Mobile development services and solutions. By levering on our technical expertise, you’ll dramatically increase your scope so you can tackle larger and more complex projects.

Reduce Project Risks

Most project risk comes from not understanding the work and its scope. We can help you make sense of what you’re getting into. By working together, not only we will consult on the right technology for your clients but together we’ll deliver projects on time and on budget.

Lower Development Costs

It often makes more sense to outsource to experts, especially when those experts have a long history of inter-agency collaboration. By collaborating with us, you can avoid the hassles of hiring competent software programmers, project managers, and QA specialists.

Professional Support

We are loyal and take our partner relationships very seriously. Our specialty is in working closely with you to plan, design, build, launch and maintain your clients’ Web and Mobile applications. We use powerful tools, software and infrastructure so you can focus on growing your business!

With over 340 Web and Mobile projects and a portfolio of clients that include several Fortune 500 companies, our team stands out as one of the best among other development agencies in the region

Sales Representatives

Our clear goal is to expand our market reach and provide global services. Bwired looks for enthusiastic sales professionals and proactive entrepreneurs to support our sales activities worldwide and generate new business opportunities. On joining our Partnership Program as a representative, your key responsibilities will include mining sales opportunities and generating leads, backed by full support of the technical and sales team on our side. In return, we guarantee generous remuneration for your pre-sale efforts and commissions for new prospects. Commissions are set on a case-by-base basis to ensure the best scenario for everyone involved.

IT Consultants

Bwired is focused on developing strategic cooperation with companies offering IT consultancy services and suggesting the right technology partner to their clients. If you specialize in IT consultancy, you can join our Business Development Partnership Program and connect your customers with the Bwired technology competencies that match their requirements. We provide you with all the necessary marketing materials, suitable domain-specific references and other qualification information.

Marketing Agencies

Our synergy brings about business growth and new opportunities for a variety of company in the marketing industry including Graphic Designers, Public Relations, Printing, Creative Writing and Social Media agencies. We foster a collaborative and productive environment and we assign a personal marketing manager to each partner, to ensure your working relationship with us is smooth and hassle-free. We offer higher profit margins, faster business growth and happy customers linked to a highly-qualified software provider.

Networking Partners

Networking is an unprecedented business driver, and we see it as great resource for our business. Bwired offers good incentives for you to promote our company among prospective clients, introducing our services to companies that can benefit from our professional expertise, as well as other referrals that translate into new business opportunities. We ensure win-win proposition and fair referral fees for the companies and individuals participating in our Business Development Partnership Program as networking partners. Bwired also has the organizational capability to allocate a segregated project infrastructure and a dedicated working environment and office space for a dedicated team working for a particular client.

Contact us to discuss our partnership options! If you’re not sure which program is for you, or if you’re ready to jump on board, we’d love to hear from you!