At some point you may have considered creating a brilliant complement piece, such as an ebook,  to crown your digital content strategy.

It’s an effective way to showcase your creativity and expertise.

But it can also be a bit intimidating and if you are not a seasoned author, you might find yourself stuck at how to even begin?

First off, why an ebook?

In Inbound marketing, creating valuable content is key so in order to get as much quality content out there to your potential clients, you need to utilize “special content” types such as ebooks. This tool is incredibly useful for your audience to not only read about what you have to say, but it will make them fans. (read more on Inbound Marketing.)

Your company will show its quality and promote you as the expert.  This will bring you followers and subscribers which is great, but…. do people actually read the content in an ebook?

Well, don’t forget writing an ebook and using it as a lead magnet is a common practice. Also, there are countless people who dedicate themselves to collecting free ebooks in exchange for their personal data.

So whether or not people read your ebook and become a solid lead will be based on how your ebook stands out from the crowd!

Here are some tips to creating an effective and distinct ebook.

Know your Target

This is a commandment for Inbound marketing.  You have to know your target market needs. Create short surveys and personas to learn what they feel is important, what their likes and dislikes are, etc.  This is key because you can focus on writing what your niche target will be interested in reading.

Keep The Length Short

Writing a long  ebook does not indicate you are an expert so being too ambitious and writing a longer 50-60 page ebook is not a good way to start.  AS a beginner, you want to keep it simple and short – between 15-20 pages. Note that mini-ebooks work great as lead magnets because remember your potential clients may have so much content to read from the everyday. Something short and sweet will make its mark!

Make it Easy to Digest

To prevent your target audience from getting overwhelmed or scared off, make sure your ebook has an attractive presentation and catchy title. Also, make sure your writing style is smooth and understandable. This, along with being avoiding too much length,  will encourage your ebook to be read completely.

Keep it Practical

Your ebook should be practical.  It needs to be action oriented so that the readers will feel motivated to carry out what you have informed them to do.  You want to help your readers to achieve tangible results in the short term. This will encourage your readers to talk about you, your ebook and the experience they had implementing your help. Your readers will become fans and “evangelizing” leads!

How do you know if your ebook is effective?

To know if your ebook has had a good reception and has proved effective, you’ll need to control and monitor who reads it after downloading it. At the end of your ebook, pose a simple question asking for their feedback  and make a call to action, asking if they require any help.

The experience of writing an ebook can be challenging but rewarding.  Using these tips will help you add special content to your Inbound Marketing strategy and have you reaping even greater rewards. Contact us if you need help!

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