So by now, you should know we are inbound marketing evangelists. Traditional marketing methods do not work, they cost a ton, and have gone the way of the dinosaurs. The positive is that it can be viewed as an opportunity to shift some of the things you are doing to make your marketing more effective and move to an inbound strategy. This blog explores some of the strategies to shift traditional marketing techniques toinbound marketingtechniques.

We are suggesting you simply move one form of content into the other. You still need to tailor your content. For example, you can’t magically turn a text newsletter into an email newsletter simply by adding links, it will take a bit more finesse than that.

Text Newsletters –> Email Newsletters

So your business here in the Tri-city has been sending out those print newsletters for years now, maybe it’s time to think about moving them to a digital format.

Even though you can’t digitize the entire newsletter to make a complete email newsletter, most of the legwork will be done for you. The educational content, the pictures, and the writing can comprise most of your email, though you may need to edit it down to make it a bit more email friendly. Hopefully, you can also use the emails from the people who signed up to your print newsletter to make an email list. You’ll also need to add email specific things like links to your online content and effectivecall-to-actionfor your subscribers.

Research Reports –> Infographics

Very few people want to look through research reports containing nothing but boring data. The alternative is to shift to something a bit more visual like an infographic. The visual communications company Infographic World hassurveyed100 businesses and 1,100 consumers to find out what businesses think of infographics and their effectiveness. 56% of companies surveyed use infographics, and 84% who’ve used them think they’re effective. While an infographic won’t provide as much detail as a research report, it does have shareability and in the inbound world, that’s important.

Brochures –> Website Pages

If your business has any past brochures, you have a good jumping off point for developing website pages (things like your product or ‘about us’ pages). These pages will most likely not generate leads for your business, they will help you leverage previous content and help prospects learn more about you. You can only do this to an extent though as you will need to tweak them and use someweb designtechniques to make them more web optimized and SEO friendly. However, having those pics and information from the brochure is a great start.


If you’re interested in finding ways for your company to step up their marketing plans, you can always talk toBwiredabout how to move forward.