Influencer marketing is a novel inbound marketing strategy where content-driven campaigns involve collaboration between companies and highly visible and prominent people on the Internet, known as ‘influencers’.

An Influencer can be Anyone, Anywhere.

They are characterized by their large followings on social media and they have the appeal and charisma to make their mark in the virtual world. Some influencers are YouTubers that have their own channel with thousands, and in some cases millions, of subscribers and followers.

These kings of social networks are diamonds in the rough. Their value is huge because of the immense influence they hold on the masses. Their opinion can help make or break your brand.

Advantages of Using Influencer Marketing

There are some key advantages to this new movement in inbound marketing.

  • Company or brand message is amplified
  • Generates an increased buzz about your product or services
  • Increased traffic to website and landing page
  • Influencers are closely followed by a target audience with large purchasing power
  • A well-designed campaign can be inexpensive and have a profitable return on investment (ROI)
  • Your business or brand gains reputation and prestige.

Influencer Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Remember, influencers are not like viral celebrities.

If they don’t believe in what you are selling, they are not interested in plugging your product in exchange for money or exposure. Influencers have built and nurtured an audience and have spent hours of time building up their own brand. They got to their point of success one follower at a time and they believe themselves to be experts.

They value their reputation and will be protective of it – people like this are not looking for the quick payout.

When it comes to choosing an influencer, one size doesn’t fit all. Just like you have a specific niche in your marketing strategy, you should also have a specific influencer ideal in mind.

So don’t just simply look at their popularity either because popularity does not equal influence.
What do Marketing Professionals think?

The majority of marketing and advertising professionals (almost 70%, according to various studies) are in favor of this type of Inbound Marketing. Most see the effectiveness of bringing an influencer to your brand. Likewise, a study entitled Augure Report on the status of influencer marketing states that many companies are already investing up to 20% of their budget in this type of campaigns. (Click here for more info on inbound marketing.)

Meshing Social Media with Content

Social Inbound Marketing works because it’s natural social interaction

Content Marketing works because it’s truly helpful and genuine.

Influencer Marketing works because it’s the best of those two worlds put together. They have the loyal following, credibility and transparency to make an impact on their audience, who will now also be your audience.

This is referral and word of mouth marketing at its finest!

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