Do you want to build industry-cutting edge experience in digital marketing, while working with some great clients, and stretching your creative boundaries?

The Digital Marketing Specialist plays a role in supporting and assisting marketing in planning, coordinating and executing inbound marketing campaigns internally and for our clients.

The Goods

You’re a passionate digital marketer always striving to build the most efficient path to results. While you likely don’t have more than a few years of experience in digital marketing, you have a solid background and the right aptitude to roll your sleeves up, learn more, and GSD (Get Stuff Done). You treat learning and your career as a marketer very seriously.

You measure and test everything that you do in your marketing world, always searching for the activities that lend themselves to the best results. Content development, content strategy are new but highly important for you. People might describe you as “highly adaptable”, a “quick learner”, and a “hybrid”. You might describe yourself as a “tech geek”.

As an experienced digital marketer, you have worked for at least two years in environments requiring a high level of detail and knowledge. You have an active understanding of digital marketing including a solid understanding of SEO, Paid Search, Content Strategy, Content Marketing, and Social Media Marketing. You understand that the best campaigns are focused on attracting the ideal prospecting, converting that prospecting, and nurturing them to becoming a great customer.

You are passionate, value-driven, and believe in bringing the best of your skills, knowledge and creativity to the client experience, enhancing clients, their brands and employees through your work.

You are natural born problem-solver and thrive on the thrill of the solution.

You’re a passionate communicator and are even more passionate about where the web is going. Writing, crafting stories, researching data for content and developing and completing great content is also a skill set you possess and utilize where needed in your work with clients to deliver value.

You are passionate about change, and helping a team of passionate individuals on a journey of learning and value.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Design and implement demand generation campaigns, including email, paid media, social, events, SEO/SEM, webinars, retargeting, and content syndication
  • Generate new, qualified leads and efficiently accelerate existing pipeline through the sales process
  • Forecast, measure, analyze and report on the impact of demand generation campaigns on sales pipeline, revenue and sales cycle length
  • Oversee the full lifecycle of a campaign from development, execution, and reporting on ROI
  • Ensure a highly productive relationship with sales, forging strong communication and alignment on campaign and target account strategy
  • Build systems and processes that will track and report on key performance metrics that identify ways to continually optimize campaign strategies
  • Deliver compelling, specific messaging for each stage of the buyer journey, creating an engaging customer experience with bottom-line results
  • Develop a strategy for targeted email and nurture campaigns, including asset coordination and objective, data-driven evaluation of success
  • Conduct A/B tests across channels to continuously optimize campaign and channel performance
  • Execute monthly and quarterly planning; accountable for managing budget and tracking performance metrics with a focus on ROI and revenue growth
  • Work in a closed feedback loop with sales to continuously optimize program performance and quality and identify new campaign opportunities
  • Identify content gaps and collaborate with the content team to develop new assets
  • Collaborate with Marketing Operations to improve data quality, reporting, and segmentation

Key/Technical Skills:

  • Advanced knowledge and hands-on experience with marketing technology stack such as Salesforce, HubSpot, Zoho Social, Marketo, etc
  • Some proficiency with HTML and CSS as it relates to email and landing page creation
  • Geek out on understanding data, analyzing results, and commitment to experimenting until you see measurable results
  • Ability to effectively communicate and collaborate with team members on high-quality integrated marketing campaigns
  • Ability to manage multiple projects at various levels of scale, with a high-quality of output

About the Job

  • This is a three-month contract with extension possibilities
  • This position is perfect for students doing their internships or co-ops terms
  • This position is not for off-shore individuals. Only qualified candidates will be contacted.

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