The digital marketplace is crowded!

The reality is, it’s becoming harder for both B2B and B2C companies to get noticed in the digital environment today. Everyone is thinking digital, pushing digital, and relying on digital to increase their business So how does a business stand out when they’re surrounded by competitors employing the same digital marketing strategies?

Choose Strategies that Blend Digital and Analog Tactics.

Traditional tactics are still valuable to your business so don’t throw them out the window. Many digital marketers wrongly believe that because the world has gone digital, there’s no point to engaging in analog activities like networking.

This is where you, as a savvy business owner or marketer can stand out!

Networking Is Key

Networking is an interchange of information and communication in its simplest, traditional form. It’s a very personal medium which unlike digital connections, you engage with your to potential clients face to face.

It’s powerful in that you can increase your brand awareness and increase your meaningful leads by bringing it into the real world.

It works!

Studies have proved this to be true. A recent business research study done at Harvard reported, 79% of people reported that in-person meetings are the best way to meet new clients to sell business.

Why then do so many marketers complain and view Networking as a waste of time?

It comes down to what networking should actually entail. Networking has typically been defined as an outbound form of marketing, but networking is actually inbound as well. (Not too sure what Inbound Marketing is? Check out our blog post: What is Inbound Marketing?“)

Effective networking is no longer about selling, it’s about giving! Check out our Kitchener-Waterloo Inbound Marketing Networking Group. Over 60 members and counting!

To network successfully, marketers need to eliminate the pressure of selling. Network in order to make valuable connections with people and follow up your connections or leads with the intention of sharing your expertise.

Your company will set yourself apart as a company that enjoys helping others grow.

See Results and Have more Fun!

By combining both the digital and analog channels of marketing, brands become visible and stand out to their target market in all spaces.

Here’s the bonus – think about how much more productive and fun it will be to focus on connecting and conversing with people rather than having to spend your time hunting down sales.

Tell us what you think!

How have your experiences with Networking turned out? Have any of your current clients been a product of initial face to face networking? Contact Bwired!