How the public views your company weighs heavily on your corporate image and branding. Your marketing and advertising campaigns can help mold your image into something the public can easily recognize and relate to. Many companies are too proud to admit their faults and are left stagnant and in great need of positive change. But this doesn’t have to be the case.

As always in business, actions speak louder than words, things like: making financial progress, creating new and exciting products and services, adhering to an ethical business model, practicing what you preach, responding graciously to criticism, providing exceptional customer service, and treating your employees well all create a tangible visual of what your company has to offer.

1. Define your company’s objective.

If you truly wish to expand your company and strengthen your company’s character, then your base message should center on your objective, not on what you are trying to sell. This idea posits that peoplebuy the “why” behind your organization, not the “what” or “how”, a concept that is wired into our DNA. The part of our brain that controls our decision making also controls all of our emotions. So, appealing to the emotions of your audience will appeal to the same part of their brain that is making their decisions.

Being concise and transparent during all your brand’s endeavors will create a positive emotional connection that could sway people in your favor. The more people who are swayed, the stronger your company’s character will become.

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2. Practice What You Preach.

Simply put, if you cannot back up your company’s rock solid values with proportional actions you are going to leave potential clients with a distrusting attitude and an unwillingness to forgive. Don’t dare get caught in a hypocritical position that leaves your company’s morals under scrutiny. You must be without blame or the consequences will be great. So before you start making claims about what your company stands for, make sure you can back them up with actions.

3. Nobody is Perfect

Everyone makes mistakes. What distinguishes the good companies from the exceptional ones is their ability to admit their misstep and adjust accordingly. Many companies are unwilling to admit to their mistakes or adjust, even when the need for a change is obviously the right choice. But alas, pride comes before the fall.

Admitting failure is often harder than ignoring it, but in the long run, it will go a long way toward forging a trusting relationship between your company and it’s audience. By illustrating your desire to do the right thing through your actions you will be perceived as humble and trustworthy.

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