The internet can be a sordid place. Even in an age where online security and privacy is better than ever your business is still vulnerable to a unique kind of criminal. They will have you handing them your money, credit card details, or personal information without question only to realize later you have been robbed. Phishing is the most prominent form of cyber theft with over 100 million incidents occurring every day. Bwired doesn’t just do web design, we can also teach you about internet security. So what is phishing, how does it work and how do you protect your business from its attacks. 

Cyber Criminals use phishing mainly through email, though some choose to utilize popular social media platforms and personal devices. 97% of people cannot properly identify a phishing email and it is causing serious problems financially for many businesses.

How To Protect Your Business From Phishing

Build a DMARC record.

DMARC(Domain-based message authentication reporting and conformance) Is a new type of program that vets emails coming into your inbox. It’s like having a bouncer at the door of your inbox with a guest list who only lets in the approved guests. Not only that, but your personal bouncer remembers the people who aren’t on the guest lists and reports back to you about them.

Train your employees and customers to recognize Phishing

Have them look for bad spelling and overall horrible grammar. Second, look for questionable web addresses are another sign to watch out for. Finally, train them to look for copy cat sender emails that don’t match the brand’s domain.

Buy some email security software.

This is the most consistently effective way to defend yourself against phishing, though also the most costly. Where human error would have you falling victim to clever online criminals, the security software comes in as a failsafe by finding and throwing back the unwanted phish.

No one is safe from phishing online, Bwired can teach you and your team to protect yourselves against these hard to spot ploys to take your hard earned money and personal information. 

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