It’s Friday Dec. 15, 2017 and this is how different our day is here at bwired. Dan made a video about how nice and chilly it is here in Kitchener. Meanwhile our team in Chile is having a slightly different experience today.

No matter the weather, we all love what we do, making our customers as successful as they can be. At bwired we take the hot with the cold, the “FUA” in Chile and the “Froid” in Canada. Whether it is 30 degrees Celsius or -30 degrees Celsius, it warms all our hearts to know that we make a difference everyday.

It really goes to show that the world is truly a small place. We can share in the knowledge that no matter where we are in the world, we are closer than we think. It is great having offices in opposite sides of the hemisphere, our winter is their summer and their winter is our summer. There is a bit of a time difference, we are two hours ahead of our office in Chile and that makes for some interesting planning issues for meetings, but we don’t really notice it that much.

As I see the smiling faces of the team sitting outside enjoying working outdoors, it reminds me that we only have another 3 months or so, of this lovely frozen weather. I guess it could be worse, we could have 10 feet of snow and must shovel everyday. The winter so far has been not too bad.

As we get closer to the holidays, I find it hard to believe that somewhere in the world they do not have a chance to experience snow on Christmas Day. I am also reminded that we will never have the experience of having cold weather on July 25th. I think that it would be great to have the opportunity to switch places with our team in Chile to know what it is like to have a warm holiday season and be nice a cool in the summer months.

This is just a fun way to show what can happen around the world on the same day of the year. Have a great day, wherever you may be.