The weatherman is the only person who can be wrong at his job every day and never get fired. Social Media is just like the weather, ever-changing and hard to predict. Don’t be caught unprepared for the weather, these 5 Social Media Trends will leave you prepared to adapt your  2019 social media strategy to any changes.

It’s important to prepare your Digital Marketing strategy ahead of time before planning your upcoming years’ Inbound Marketing plans. A strong and effective social media presence will ensure a successful year. Expect to see these 5 trends leading the pack:

  1. Live Video content will only continue to grow:
    Research shows that people on social media prefer to watch videos above all else, Consider including live video in your social media strategy for more client engagement. Keep your followers engaged by using Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram live streams of your events
  2. Messaging apps will become a critical communication method.
    Messaging apps are used by 4 Billion users across the globe. Many companies use these apps to talk one on one with their customers, which is revolutionizing customer service.
  3. Virtual reality will find its way into more and more marketing experiences.
    Virtual reality is forecasted to increase revenues by 18%. The interesting thing about VR is that it encourages 3-dimensional interactions, with a unique and unforgettable experience.
  4. More channels will make it difficult to monetize content.
    As social media brands are being forced to provide a safer interface, it is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to be visible within those interfaces.
  5. Voice search and Al will change the way users discover brands and content.
    Voice controlled electronics will be a part of most technical devices in the coming year. Not only are these devices fulfilling our verbal commands they are learning about us in the process. Marketers should begin to contemplate the sorts of content that might be easily consumed through a smart speaker.

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